Object Protection and Factory Protection:

We offer plant protection and property protection for companies, government agencies and private households.

We secure your properties, or pacified property and their residents / employees against unauthorized entry, or take over the access control for visitors and employees. Specially trained safety specialists are used for this purpose.

Default points are standard in the feasibility. If desired, use techniques like IP cameras as well as GPS tracker are used.

On request, we can also provide you guard dogs with dog handlers.

We offer our customers the following possibilities ...

Classic object protection:

  • Reception and pillar service
  • Create visitor credentials
  • Complete documentation
  • patrols
  • piercing points
  • Control of fences, windows, doors, driveways
  • Monitoring of plants for functionality, as well as independent repair after the learning phase or transfer to appropriate intervention centers

Plant protection:

  • Reception and pillar service
  • Create visitor credentials
  • employees control
  • Complete documentation
  • patrols
  • piercing points
  • Control of fences, windows, doors, driveways
  • Monitoring of plants for functionality, as well as independent repair after training phase

Refugee shelters:

In the last 3 years, we have independently looked after 12 refugee accomodations. We have been involved since the beginning of refugee problems. Take advantage of our extensive experience.

  • Collection of all data
  • transfer processing
  • Scheduling doctors and catering
  • Pocket money issue
  • Material management, output and order management
  • Parcel allocation and coordination
  • access permissions
  • Communicate with the relevant competent authorities
  • Care of unaccompanied, underage refugees
  • key management
  • Dealing with different cultures, religions and women's image
  • Translators activities

Event security

A further focus of our company is the protection of events such as open air concerts, festivals, trade fairs, sports events, stadium security, TV productions, as well as in all areas of this segment. Due to current threat assessments and the changing times, this issue is more sensitive than ever before. Decide for the right supplier and make no compromises when choosing your guard company.

The following areas of responsibility are focused on:

  • Pre-audit and analyze the resources required
  • Concept development
  • input controls
  • Pocket checks / body check
  • VIP guarding and supervision
  • Personal Security
  • VIP Area Security
  • Patrols over the terrain
  • access controls
  • Parking coordination
  • Safeguarding of escape routes
  • de-escalation
  • Referral of persons in case of wrongdoing or unauthorized stay
  • stage security
  • Stage pit / crusher / FOH
  • Cooperation with the competent authorities
  • Identification of personal data in application and official lists
  • Protection of restricted areas
  • vigils

In this case too, we carry out the activities carried out according to the client's requirements in the form of work clothes, or adapt us to the desired dresscode.

Discotheques security

We set the house rules and the wishes of our clients through the nightclub area!

These include:

  • Selection of the guests
  • input controls
  • identity checks
  • VIP care and guarding
  • Speaking of house bans
  • Referral of the Local
  • Refusal of entry
  • Reference of the object in case of unauthorized stay
  • Streifengänge in the object
  • Intervening interventions
  • de-escalation
  • Cooperation with the competent authorities
  • employee monitoring

Only trained and experienced personnel are employed in these areas.
A well-groomed appearance and a friendly and attentive tone are a must.
These are the prerequisites to offer you and your guests a pleasant and safe environment.
Through years of experience and routine, we guarantee a problem-free guest operation in your property.
We carry out our activities, depending on the wishes of the client, in our decent service or the respective dress code.

Personal security

Are you a person who is the focus of public interest?
They are known from the media, from the music or film sector, politics, or state officials of another nation?

Do you need a protective hand, which also plans your schedule and attends you at any time due to risk assessments, press or fan presence?

We will gladly take over this task for you. Contact us and we will provide you with a breakdown of your needs.

Sit back and relax with confidence and confidence in the planning of public performances.

This includes the following activities:

  • Direct personal protection around the clock
  • VIP driving service (hotel, performances, airport, shopping)
  • Scheduling and scheduling (if desired)
  • Driving service
  • route planning
  • Accompanying abroad

Detective agency

You have a legitimate suspicion ...?

  • against your spouse? Infidelity?
  • to business partners? Embezzlement? Theft? Breach of contract?
  • to employees? Above average absences? Theft? Moonlighting?
  • against tenants? Liquidity? Mietnomadenvorgeschichte?

In today's world, our trust is usually no longer rewarded, but disappointed. This can be found in every area of life.

In order to gain clarity about your suspicions, we offer you private and commercial surveys.

We will be pleased to prepare preliminary assessments and expert opinions free of charge.

Transport monitoring

We take over the civil protection, escorting your goods nationwide or on an international level.

We accompany your freight as a passenger or with a civilian companion vehicle. Specially trained personnel are used. Our operational forces and vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking.


We also take care of the protection of your objects in the form of strip trips and patrol walks at irregular intervals.

We record the defined control points and incidents.

Their locks are tested for closability.

We check doors, fences, windows and access roads. Suspicious persons, vehicles and their markings are addressed, controlled and stored by us.

Continuous proof of work is self-evident.